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Let me tell you a story...

I've always been a little rebellious. But not in the sense of causing trouble (ok, my mom might disagree). In business, my rebellious nature is about a better customer experience and more care. It's about pushing for efficiency and asking why. Where can we reduce friction? Why do we have to do it that way?"

That bend toward curiosity led me to start my own business. For the last eight years, I have worked alongside visionary leaders, government officials, and think tank researchers to develop, launch, and grow brands and initiatives.  

Like many others, my career path hasn't been linear. Nine years ago, after a lengthy career in multifamily management exposed me to the reality of housing affordability, I went back for my master's degree.


I was hellbent on shaking things up at the federal level. So, I grabbed every hands-on experience I could in journalism, intergovernmental economic development, civic engagement, program design, and small business counseling. However, my qualification window closed when the federal hiring pathways were frozen in 2017. 

But education is never wasted. And as it turns out, my husband would be handed the biggest bullshit sack of lemons you could get in the form of stage 4 liver cancer. I honestly don't know how well I could have cared for him in his last 635 days on the planet if I were confined to an office in the DC metro anyway.

Exposure to the frailty of life meant shit got real. I feared whether I had the chops to care for someone in his final days. I had two choices. Lie down and let the lights go out, or do the damn thing.

At the time, I had just begun freelance writing for tech founders and CEOs. These people had bet their time, talent, and savings on an idea that may or may not work. So, I thought, no better set of people to take my cues from for actions to solve my right now problems as well as my long-term goals. I went all in on my fully online business. 


Those obstacles and experiences turned my freelance writing shop into the brand strategy machine it is today. Building this business has given me an inside view of what it takes to navigate growth (define, automate, test!) and a profound respect for the courage required to run a company.

Because of my weird path, my clients benefit from my two sides. There's a super-duper nerdy side that loves books, research, and auditing (I'm not sure what that's about either) and a bold, sassy side from marketing young brands. Yep. Sweet and salty like a box of Cracker Jacks. Probably some surprises in store too. Ok, so maybe that's a dorky reference, but you get the point! 

I like to bring a little fun to my work, but I definitely don't hold back when it matters. Yes, I might tell you your baby is ugly. But it'll come from a well-researched place designed to next-level your position in the market. And the great thing is that you can say it back to me. Even though only one of us will be correct, I love a good debate!

My mission is to help you increase your revenue and impact. 

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