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Interview Series

Every brand, every business, every win… they all started somewhere. I invite you to share your story as part of my series,

5 Minutes with a Founder.

When you share why you built something, you give others a glimpse into who you are and what you're made of. Storytelling does three things 1) ignites curiosity, 2) enables others to see the possibilities, and 3) evokes emotion more powerfully than facts and figures. It's an instant way to stand out in a crowded market.


What's in it for you

I've got an audience of entrepreneurs and creatives at all stages of growth, hungry to learn from successful leaders like yourself. I also share your article on Twitter and LinkedIn, where I engage with the startup community, journalists, and business leaders.

Currently, there is no cost to participate!


How it works

We book a 30 min chat. I'll ask some questions that look like this:

  • What problem are you solving for the industry or consumer?

  • Why did you build this business?

  • What is something that contributed to your success you wish you had learned earlier?


You'll approve the write-up and send a photo back for creative. Easy peasy.

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