Funky fresh brand strategy, it's what I do

Dozens of industries, two decades of experience, and saying no to limiting beliefs to grow your business. 

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What My Clients Say


Jenny Goncher, President & CEO - TheKla Perpetua, LLC, Jenny Goncher Consulting, and Founder - WomenofArmor.com

Brandi Holder is a fierce force for making things better, doing it with grace and an uninhibited spirit of commitment. She is a relentless student of everything she teaches, and a humble teacher for each and everyone she coaches. Her consultancy has transformed my own business and next level confidence as a business person and a seeker of high-resolution dreams and goals. She is a strategist at her edges and a truth teller at her core.  - Jenny Goncher, President and CEO, Thekla Perpetua, LLC & Founder, WomenofArmor.com