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14 Tips For Businesses Looking To Ramp Up Their Video Marketing Efforts

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Video marketing has already shown, time and time again, why it's such a successful technique. Studies have demonstrated that people engage with video far more readily than they do with other online media. This fact makes video marketing a priceless addition to a business's marketing arsenal.

Unfortunately, many companies have only dabbled in video marketing with varying degrees of success. To get the most out of video marketing, businesses need to increase their investment in this marketing category. Fourteen experts from Forbes Communications Council provide their thoughts on how companies can increase the intensity of their video marketing with a focus on engaging their core audience.

Members explain how to boost your video marketing efforts.

1. Highlight Your Satisfied Clients The key to creating engaging videos is to keep the content relevant and concise. Because there's no better advocate for a business than a satisfied client, my team created short video case studies (no more than three minutes) detailing how/why clients used our services, as part of our regular content. These videos always achieved high engagement rates. - Cynthia Washington 2. Educate And Tell Stories In today’s environment, it's important to make natural-looking videos that feel authentic and don't have a lot of branded splash advertising. Most consumers don't wake up each morning and go find and watch your branded commercials on social channels. They are more interested in educating themselves about non-branded subjects or hearing compelling, engaging stories. Be authentic, lead and educate with better videos. - Kenneth Kinney, Ai Media Group, Inc.

3. Focus On Building Human Connection One of the main reasons why videos are so popular and effective is because they help build that human connection, especially now more than ever since we are all working from home and craving human interaction — video creates that link. Companies looking to add video to their marketing strategy should create videos that are conversational and authentic, and play on that human connection. - Anusha Shankar, The Spur Group

4. Be Mindful Of Your Intended Audience When a brand is thinking of using video as a storytelling tool, be mindful of creating for your audience. Some brands make videos that speak to themselves, lacking language, imagery and nuance that could provide real value to their intended audience. Before you put a video asset together, be mindful of what you’re offering that will earn the two minutes of time you’re asking for from people. - Megan Rokosh, Havas