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5 Minutes with a Founder: talking life-saving comms with GINA Software CEO Zbyněk Poulíček

The 5 Minutes with a Founder Series is a collection of short inspiring interviews with people behind the technology created to tackle big public problems.

I came across GINA software while reading a story about how Czech Fire Rescue Services combined DJI's drone technology with GINA aerial mapping software for disaster relief.

The collaboration gave rise to tools like an aerial perspective and access to a digital map for the local command center and emergency responders in the field. The accurate picture of the affected area improved the efficiency of resources, increased cooperation among responding units, and, more importantly, allowed for flexibility as conditions changed.

I reached out to Zbyněk Poulíček, founder and CEO of GINA Software, to learn more about his company's life-saving services.

Brandi Holder: Thank you so much for sharing more about your company Zbyněk! Please tell us more about GINA.

Zbyněk Poulíček: We are based in Europe, providing services worldwide. GINA System is a map software technology that enables users to navigate difficult terrain, coordinate teams, and exchange information to improve safety, security, and communication.

Our software integrates and monitors mobile phones, tablets, radio stations, GPS trackers, drones, CCTV cameras, UAVs, and sensors in a single platform with advanced features such as history of movement, data visualization, automatic reporting, video surveillance, and data analysis.

In short, we improve situational awareness and coordination for emergency responders or incident responders in the field. We serve customers from public safety, such as police, ambulances, EMS, firefighters, and customers from the area of humanitarian aid and Field Services.

BH: Improving coordination and situational awareness for our responders is an incredible mission. What led to the start of GINA Software?

ZP: We started the business in 2010 when an earthquake happened in Haiti. We believed that we could improve the coordination of emergency responders in the field through mobile technologies. So we created a platform, which is a shared map. It shows your teammates' locations, enables you to communicate with them, and allows you to draw on the map and share geographical data with your mutual colleagues. It's like a shared whiteboard, but instead of a physical board in one location, it is a map that everyone can see.

This platform improves situational awareness and coordination by itself. However, we've also developed a couple of applications that are use case specific. For instance, we have tablet navigation for firefighters and ambulances, which navigate them at the incident scene and provide a shared map.

BH: I can certainly see how important this technology is to responders in the field. I think it's obvious what makes you passionate about what you do, but please tell us more about what you love about your work.

ZP: What I love about what I do is the sense of purpose this work gives me. The feedback we get from our customers is literally about saving lives—that thanks to the apps we developed, they were faster on the scene, or avoided a collision that would cost the life of the helicopter crew. These kinds of stories give me a great sense of purpose in what I do.

BH: Every time a first responder goes to an emergency, they are literally putting their life on the line. I’m so grateful for people like you making tools to provide greater situational awareness on the ground and at command.

I love to share insights from CEOs and founders with emerging leaders. Can you share something contributing to your success that you wish you had known earlier?

ZP: Personal growth and leadership in general. That's something I'm passionate about. I've uncovered this area in recent years. I believe that investing in this attitude and intentional growth helps me tremendously and therefore helps my company and customers.

BH: Personal and business growth, and better tools for our emergency responders for the win! Thank you, Zbyněk. I have enjoyed learning more about you and your company.

If you want to learn more about GINA Software and its mission, visit them here.


A special note to those outside public safety: In many cases, the infrastructure you rely on in an emergency is out of date, and incompatible with ever-evolving consumer tech. Now more than ever, 9-1-1 needs an upgrade from failing 1960s technology.

I want to remind you that you have the right to push your elected officials to invest in better public safety technology. Your emergency responders deserve to have tools to make communication easier for you and the communities they serve.

Please let me know if you would like additional information about the problems our public safety professionals are facing or ways to talk to your representatives about improving public safety in your community. It would be my pleasure to assist!


I'm a B2G brand consultant and writer pulling together a series of interviews with the CEOs and Founders using tech to solve public problems. If you would like to share your story, please contact me today. I love making connections!


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