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in the name of effing space tourism

I recently got a lil style refresh at my favorite salon. (Not only do they do a great job, but they run on time--a must meet criteria for this businesswoman!) While I was there, I picked up some hair products because I am trying to kick the Amazon habit. I have always been a big supporter of the shop local movement. Unfortunately, that took a beating last year, and I’ll be honest, I just got lazy. I was working like crazy, and it was easy to click a button and have things show up at my doorstep. (Which, by the way, is the only unannounced guest I like unless, of course, you have a bag of tacos).

Ever since Bezos thanked Amazon customers for sending his ass to space in the name of effing tourism, I have thought long and hard about where my money is going. Your dollars are your voice, and you get to put those dollars in service of the organizations and people you care about. Money is simply a tool. It is how we build our safety net, take care of our family, or how we bring other business owners up with us as we rise.

For those who have a business, think about what can make your goods and services difficult to purchase.

  • Does your website suck?

  • Are you too busy to respond to online questions?

  • Do people have to call to make a purchase?

  • Do they know when their item is ready?

  • Are you radio silent after the purchase?

  • Do you have poor customer service?

One of the things that makes Amazon so successful is its ease of use. It’s effortless to buy things, and that is what consumers want--a user-centric experience. It’s a core value at Amazon and one that I experienced in managing a partnership with them.

Customer centricity is something they use as the foundation for every product and service they create. What would happen if you did the same?

If you are experiencing roadblocks in your revenue, I can help! Let’s get you where you are going together ❤


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