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Are You Investing in Your Future or Just Your Outfits?

Many say they'd love a coach but balk at the cost. Yet, we'll freely spend on fleeting status symbols, fancy threads, and happy hour highs. But for instruments of empowerment? We pinch pennies.

I've been there. For most of my career, I have been a lone wolf. Hiring a coach seemed self-indulgent and, well, "extra" when there was so much information at my fingertips online. I could download another free guide, join a mastermind, or research my way out of a hole, right?

Taking random stabs in the dark with disjointed content wasn't effective. All the quick-fix research provided temporary hope but no long-term solution. It was the same instant gratification as buying new gadgets or clothes. The truth? What I really needed was a deep transformation of how I showed up. That required a focused commitment I couldn't give myself.

Business doesn't have to be a struggle that you do alone. And those designer shoes? Sorry, girlfriend, they won't change your life. But hiring the right coach and investing in your future will.

The right coach won't just upgrade your confidence and capabilities - they'll revolutionize how you see yourself and what's possible. Here's what I discovered when I finally started investing in me:

Looking at coaching as an expense is limiting.

When you consider the immense value you gain from that investment, the cost begins to seem far more reasonable. The benefits of working with a coach extend far beyond the coaching period itself. You build confidence, skills, and clarity that profoundly affect your business and life for years.

A coach accelerates your progress in ways you can't achieve alone.

Coaches provide structure, accountability, expertise, and unbiased guidance. They ask powerful questions, share practical frameworks, and expand your thinking. With a coach's support, you can tackle that next big goal of launching a business, writing a book, doubling your revenue, or finally tuning out the inner critic with confidence and clarity.

Things previously out of reach become possible when investing in your future.

There is tremendous value in having someone believe in you and devote focused time and energy to your growth. A good coach's commitment to your success is a gift not to be underestimated. With this unconditional support and accountability, you can finally tackle goals that once seemed unattainable. A coach expands what you believe is possible for yourself and gives you the structure and push to make it your reality.

Before investing, have an honest dialogue with yourself.

If money is the sole barrier, consider payment plans or budget adjustments to make the investment manageable. Think long-term dividends, not just short-term costs.

However, if your hesitation stems from other doubts, listen closely. Unless you can commit fully, you won't achieve the full benefits. Wait until you're truly ready to show up and do the work. And have this conversation with your potential coach! You might have your answer if they seem defensive or just want to have a selling conversation. The right coach doesn't want to sign you up if you are not ready!!!! (I would put a thousand exclamations there if I could.)

Where you spend your time and money provides clues about your priorities. The key is remembering your immense value and possibilities. With the right coach, you can transform what once felt out of reach into reality. Your gifts, skills, and talents are worth the investment.


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