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Finding Courage to Pursue Your Passion in Your Second Act Career

After years or even decades in a stable career, it takes courage to reinvent yourself and follow a long-held passion. The comfort of the known is hard to relinquish. Self-doubt and fear creep in:

“Am I too old to start over?”

“What if I fail?”

“Can I really make this work?”

Well, I’m here to tell you, you’re not, you won’t, and you can.

Yes, the unknown is scary. But staying put can be scarier. Imagine looking back with regret, wishing you had gathered the courage to pursue what sets your soul on fire.

Your encore career is a chance to write a bold new chapter doing work you love. Here are a few tiny actions that can move you in the right direction.

Tap Into Your Inner Motivation

Focus less on what could go wrong and allow yourself to revel in the positive forces spurring you forward:

  • Your longing to wake up excited about your work and make each day meaningful. You deserve this.

  • Your commitment to innovation and growth. How can you continue expanding if you stay stagnant? You have so much to offer!

  • Your belief that anything is possible if you’re willing to learn and adapt. You are never too old to flourish.

When you feel doubt creeping in, reconnect with your driving motivations. Let them drown out the noisy fears.

Start Small to Build Your Second Act Career

Staring at the blank page of your encore career can feel overwhelming. The key is to break it down into small, doable steps.

Rather than fixating on some distant future point of “success,” ask yourself - What’s one thing I can do this week to move forward?

Could you:

  • research opportunities in your area of interest?

  • reach out to inspiring professionals with a short, thoughtful email?

  • enroll in a class or training related to your business goals?

  • map out potential offerings?

  • test your ideas by sharing them with trusted friends to get feedback?

Keep the momentum going with consistent actions, even when they feel tiny. Small steps accumulate into giant moves.

Connect with a Community

You are not alone in this transition. Seek out others who have walked this path and made career pivots later in life. Learn from those a few steps ahead of you. Their experience and empathy will reassure and ground you.

Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and share your passion can inspire you to reach higher, especially in those moments of uncertainty. Let them be your cheerleaders when self-doubt creeps back in.


The fear of failure can feel paralyzing. But it is an illusion—a barrier created in our minds. So, I ask you, is playing it safe worth missing out on your potential?

You have the power to rewrite your narrative. Your time is now, and your people and purpose are waiting!


If you're feeling called to launch an inspired encore career, I offer a few services that can help:

  1. Encore Launch Intensive - My 1:1 coaching program for professionals ready to leap into fulfilling second-act careers. I'll help you gain clarity, build confidence, and take bold action.

  2. Career Pivot Package - A custom engagement where we map out your niche, offerings, and strategy for reinventing yourself. I'll help you translate your passion into a sustainable business.

  3. Book Club and Mastermind Community - Join our small group for connections with fellow entrepreneurs, resources, and mentoring for your new venture. No cost to join!

My experience guiding major career and life transitions has helped dozens of professionals successfully pivot into meaningful encore careers aligned with their purpose.

Let's have an exploratory call to discuss your goals and how I can support you in making your next chapter your most inspiring. Contact Me | Brandi Holder Consulting


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