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Forbes Expert Panel: How Comms Pros Can Prepare Their Organizations for Constant Change

We've all heard it said in some form or another: if we don't change, we die. So why is it so hard to accept change in our organizations?

In my experience, it comes down to communicating the "why" behind changes. So often, employees receive instructions about new initiatives with no communication behind why the change is occurring. That is a huge mistake. The triggering event (e.g., new market conditions, new offerings, etc.) behind the change should be part of the conversation.

For instance, let's say you find out how poor your customer onboarding experience is and decide to overhaul it to be more competitive in the market. If you roll out new mandates without showing your team where the deficiencies were and what you have done to improve, you will not get the desired response.

Providing your team a more dimensional lens to view change provides clarity and—I think this is such a missing element—the ability to buy in and get excited about something new.


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