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How to Fall in Love With Your Business Again

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Mia was an accomplished nutrition coach with over a decade of experience. But lately, she felt uninspired going through the motions of her practice. Mia yearned to rediscover the fire that first drew her to help others improve their health.

In the early days, she vividly remembered the rush of guiding clients to breakthroughs, using food as medicine for chronic conditions when traditional approaches failed. Now, though, her passion for digging into the root causes of symptoms and crafting customized protocols had grown stale.

Mia knew she needed to realign with her core purpose. But she struggled to find time for self-reflection with back-to-back appointments, endless administrative tasks, and the demands of running a business solo. The days slipped by, the dullness grew, and Mia’s enthusiasm faded.

If this story resonates, you’re not alone. Many seasoned entrepreneurs experience this lost sense of purpose. But there is hope! Reconnecting with your core purpose can reignite that passion. Here are some ways to dig deep and rediscover why you do what you do:

Talk to your people.

A back-to-the-basics understanding of who your target audience is and what they want is essential. But ditch that generic persona. Ask yourself, “When Ken, Bre, or Evan came to me for help, what did they say and ask?” Think about the real problem (not just the one they presented) and the desire behind the goal. What needs and frustrations do the Kens, Bres, and Evans of the world experience?

Their words will likely get the creative juices flowing!

Review the evidence.

There are lots of ways to do this! Go back and review notes or blogs from when you started. What initially excited you? What did you hope to accomplish? Tap back into that naive optimism.

Examine your achievements and revisit client testimonials and notes. What milestones or reviews gave you an extra rush of joy? What outcomes made all the effort worthwhile? Find clues to your purpose in your proudest moments.

Identify your business values.

What shared values unite you and your dream clients? Is it empowerment, creativity, service, or belonging? Purpose often aligns with core values!

Also, take this time to envision your ideal legacy. How will the world be different because of you? What problems will you have helped solve? If you don’t have one, a True North statement can help.

Create white space to recharge.

Do you have white space on your calendar? Without this space for reflection and rejuvenation, it's easy to remain stuck in routine and lose perspective.

White space allows your mind to wander, make new connections, and tap into creativity. It provides an opportunity to reenergize through a hobby or think about what's working and what's not, how to improve systems and processes and evaluate ways to use your time better.

Stepping away recharges your mental and emotional reserves.

Call in a little help from a friend.

Schedule a coffee chat with a mentor you admire and respect. Ask them when and why they felt most energized and alive in their work. What principles guided their path? Or open up to a peer. Chances are they’ve grappled with rediscovering purpose, too. What solutions did they find? What support do they need?

Peers and mentors are invaluable in the journey. But you may also consider working with a coach for impartial guidance. An outsider’s objectivity can illuminate blind spots and provide much-needed accountability. And a compassionate coach helps you honor emotions you’ve suppressed.

Whichever route you choose, surrounding yourself with cheerleaders who believe in your purpose makes the journey less lonely. And hearing others’ stories often provides clarity about your own.

Uncovering your purpose requires shutting off the noise and looking within. There, you’ll rediscover the flame that lights you up.

Wishing you much success, friend!


When you’re ready to reconnect with your core purpose, here are three ways I can help:

  1. The Kickstart Session - A 90-minute deep dive where we’ll explore your origin story, achievements, values, and future vision to uncover your passion. You’ll leave with absolute clarity.

  2. Brand Re-discovery Package - We’ll conduct discovery exercises and rework your messaging so it powerfully conveys your purpose. Realign your marketing with your ‘why.’

  3. Private Community - Join our small group for connections with fellow professionals, resources, and advice for taking your business to the next level. No cost to join!

My personalized guidance has helped dozens of seasoned entrepreneurs like you reignite their passion and purpose.

I know you went into business because you believed there was a better way. Let’s light that fire!


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