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Reinventing Your Leadership Team, an Executive Summary

The past two years have tested businesses all over the world, disrupted the way companies operate, and caused an acceleration towards digitization. Among the questions you ask yourself on how to survive the current environment is the looming question of how your company grows and defends against disruptive innovation in the coming years.

Despite the fast transition to online and digitized operations, the solution to future-proof your company is not necessarily embedded in the tech you'll use. According to a recent HBR article, "Reinventing Your Leadership Team," authors Paul Leinwand, Mahadeva Matt Mani, and Blair Sheppard recommend CEOs point a way forward by "advancing meaningful change" through a visionary C-suite.

Competing in the Current Market

Your best bet at winning despite current and future challenges has to do with two fundamental shifts:

1. Your ability as a CEO to envision a future for the company in an ever-uncertain world.

2. Establishing a leadership team built to realize that purpose.

When you establish an effective leadership team moved by a shared sense of purpose, you'll have the human assets required to realize your ambitious agenda and navigate the challenges of market disruptions, shifts in public mood, and economic fluctuations.

The suggested shift requires an organization to move differently—to look at a leadership team rather than a single leader. A survey of more than 500 senior executives at prominent firms brought this trend to light. The trend shows an almost impossible, self-contradictory pattern in identifying the roles leaders need to fulfill in today's environment.