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Why I Celebrate My "Shiny Object Syndrome"

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

“You have shiny object syndrome,” a boss once said, stinging but possibly true. I was a serial projectist, jumping from idea to idea, my folder bulging with half-done plans.

Was I directionless? Lacking purpose and drive? I didn’t think so. To me, I was embracing life’s possibilities, following sparks of curiosity and joy wherever they led.

Still, that “aimless” critique stuck with me for years, sowing doubt. Was something wrong with my open, meandering approach? Did I need more focus?

In time, I realized I wasn’t directionless. I simply had an experimental mindset—open to experiences and unwilling to limit myself to a prescribed path.

This willingness to say yes has led me down unexpected, sometimes difficult routes. I’ve taken on projects that pushed me far out of my comfort zone. Not every endeavor was a smashing success, but each adventure added depth and insight.

Now, as a coach, my adaptability is an asset; I appreciate that transformation requires exploration. My clients find comfort in my non-judgmental approach as they navigate purpose.

Of course, balancing openness with intention has merits; mindlessly bouncing between shiny objects helps no one. But possibility must come before purpose crystallizes. Curiosity is the engine of growth.

So if you’re called “directionless,” don’t lose heart. It simply means you have more road to wander before your destination appears. Keep following what sparks your spirit - you’re right where you need to be.


Hi, I’m Brandi Holder, a brand voice specialist and business and empowerment coach. I am a copilot for go-getters and solopreneurs seeking fulfillment, impact, and financial freedom.

You can write that book, launch that dream business, achieve financial freedom, or rewrite your history! I can show you how. Work With Me | Brandi Holder


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