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Big Money Goals

So many of my clients come to me laser-focused on big money goals. One wants to be making $20k per month within a year. Another aims for a portfolio of rental properties worth $5 million. When I drill into the "why" behind those numbers, things get a little murky.

Let's be clear - financial security is essential. Money allows us to care for family, invest in the causes and communities we care about, or bring other business owners up with us as we rise. Money is a tool. It removes barriers to pursuing our dreams.

However, money should be a means to an end, not the end itself. Without a deeper purpose, achieving financial targets will never fully satisfy. You'll just set the next peak to strive for, shelving happiness in the meantime.

I challenge you to delve deeper into the why behind your numbers. Understand how those numbers tie to what matters most in life. Here are some example exercises I do with my clients:

  1. Let your heart speak. Write freely about why you really want more money. What feelings, experiences, and beliefs shape this desire? Dig for deeper truths.

  2. Envision your ideal legacy. How will the world be different because of you? What problems will you have helped solve? Clarify your purpose.

  3. Get creative! Draw or map your unique definition of success. What matters beyond material possessions? Put this visual reminder on your computer or whiteboard—somewhere you'll see it daily.

  4. Examine when you first linked money and value. Return to that formative experience with compassion for your younger self. Then reframe those beliefs from your wiser, empowered vantage point today.

By understanding the significance behind your money motivations, you gain purpose that guides and inspires.

So here is my challenge to you: Rather than run the race everyone expects, blaze your own trail. Success defined on your terms is true wealth.

Dare to dream beyond money and strive for a career that brings peace and the freedom to live life on your own terms. Everything else will fall into place.


Hi! I’m a brand voice nerd and business and empowerment coach. I am a copilot for go-getters and solopreneurs seeking fulfillment, impact, and financial freedom.

You can write that book, launch that dream business, achieve financial freedom, or rewrite your history! I can show you how. Work With Me | Brandi Holder


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