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Business Owners, it's ok to be a little nutty

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

It's National Chocolate Day! So, what better time to talk about the sweet smell of business success?

Not a huge Forest Gump fan, but that familiar line, "life is like a box of chocolates," I think better applies to owning a business. Each day is different and can unfold in unexpected ways.

When you own a business, you have to determine what success looks like, how to maneuver past uncertainty, and stay relevant with changing times and technology. That can be scary, but that uncertainty also makes business ownership exciting!

So how do you do that? By embracing what makes you different. Think about it, when you plunk down a box of chocolates in front of a group of people, everybody goes for something different. While I'm looking for the crunchy toffee, you are on the hunt for the truffles. Or maybe you are the weirdo who likes the ones with the strange colored pastel fillings. People like what they like and are quite prepared to defend why their choice is the best!

The point is that everyone's taste is different, and no box of chocolates will be a one size fits all proposition. This is where smart business owners win the game. Part of what makes a business successful is simply the business owners' ability to communicate what makes it unique.

One thing that will go a long way in securing your continued success is a strong brand identity. Your business brand is more than the logo and a website. It is the overall image of your business and, most importantly, how you communicate with customers and potential customers. It's being clear about who you serve and creating a strong brand voice that captures your mission, vision, values, and unique way of solving your customer's problems.

For example, Imperfect Foods