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Why You Can't Gain Traction or Attract Ideal Clients: The Hidden Origin Story

Do you ever hesitate when potential clients ask what makes your business unique? Does imposter syndrome creep in, causing you to question if you really offer something unique?


I’ve been there too. We get so focused on the day-to-day that we forget why we are doing it.

handwritten note that says "can't gain traction with ideal clients? Your origin story holds the key."


But our origin story (that inception point that set you on a mission) holds the key to our zone of genius - the intersection of natural strengths, passion, and market needs.



Without clarity and ownership of the secret sauce (aka your origin story), conveying why you’re distinct is impossible.


So what’s a guy or gal to do? First, understand the risks of holding back your story:


Breaks connection and rapport: An origin story builds a personal bond and helps clients relate to you as more than just a service provider.


Invites doubts around credibility: Sharing professional background and relevant past experiences, especially overcoming adversity, establishes credibility and trust.


Misses growth marketing opportunities: Origin stories packed with transformation make excellent content marketing. They enable organic reach and attribution back to your offerings.


Inhibits hiring the right team or partners: Authentic origin stories attract people who connect with the underlying vision and are keen to play a role.


Provides weak leadership during challenges: During inevitable business hurdles, an origin story reminds teams why the work matters and gives them confidence in their leader’s resilience.


In other words, it pays to claim your origin story boldly!

One quick (but impactful) action for your business...

If you are holding your story back, here is one quick thing you can do to get moving in the right direction:


Use to dictate your founding story and then export it to turn it into a written post. Don’t overthink this; just get the story out. Tag me once it’s up. I’d love to support you!


Let your journey inspire future change-makers.



I help solopreneurs cut through the chaos to clarify their zone of genius and confidently magnetize ideal clients through two core offerings: 


The Kickstart

In a power hour, we’ll unpack your origin story, zone of genius, opportunity, and ideal client so you have an action plan for bold next steps. 


The Impact Accelerator

This is my intensive 12-week program where we take vision to reality. We’ll optimize your positioning, marketing, and mindset through 1:1 work to become an industry magnet.


Both will equip you to succeed wildly on your own terms. Ready to unlock explosive growth? Let’s talk.


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