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Unapologetic Authenticity is the Ultimate Brand Tactic

Dear coaches and consultants,

Want your brand to be impossible to ignore?

Have the courage to be unapologetically yourself.

I've met many people along the journey who crave connection but default to conformity out of fear. They minimize what makes them different because it feels risky. But courageous brands—the ones we remember—lean into their uniqueness unapologetically.

Being bold requires knowing precisely who you are at your core—your values, quirks, passion, and perspective. Then, infusing every touchpoint with that honesty.

It means speaking in your real voice, not the distant tone of traditional business. Your words should sound like you—even if that means getting a little weird.

Being brave means addressing topics others avoid because it makes some uncomfortable. The rewards of taking a stand for what you believe far exceed playing it safe.

When you are fully yourself, you give others permission to live more authentically, too. People are drawn to brands that dare to be different. They crave that relatability and authenticity.

So be bold and stand out, yes, it can feel scary at first. But it's far better than being dismissed or forgotten. That's how you attract your people.

If you were looking for a sign to try something different, this is it. Be proudly, unmistakably you. It opens doors you never imagined possible.

Big love,

Brandi L. Holder


When you are ready to tie up all the loose threads on your multifaceted self and do something really exciting, let's talk about the Big Sexy.

I don't want to offer a bunch of little programs and services. It's confusing, and it takes more of your time and money. Instead, I created one big, sexy program fully customized to your starting point, capacity, and aspirations.

It's for coaches and consultants ready to transform their business and life in just 90 days.

The result? Confidence and clarity in how you talk about what you do and a profitable, efficient business you can run while reclaiming time for what matters.


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