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Muting Your Magic: Risking Your Brand Messaging by Downplaying Your Difference

Updated: Mar 10

You offer rare gifts that could profoundly impact lives. But something holds you back from highlighting your distinct flair.

Instead, your brand messaging blends safely into the crowd using generic industry lingo riddled with who/what/why questions. You worry embracing uniqueness could isolate potential clients.

Muting your magic carries significant risks to your brand messaging.

Among them:

You become forgettable: Without differentiated messaging, you blend into the sea of competition, making it difficult for ideal clients to recall what you do or refer you to others.

Invites doubts on credibility: Declining to communicate unique perspectives and experiences makes it harder for prospects to assess subject matter expertise.

Repels innovators seeking fresh thinking: Fellow trailblazers attracted to unconventional approaches will overlook you.

By not proudly spotlighting rare talents and unconventional approaches, you can't address unmet needs only you can fill. And what a waste of your abilities!

a sparkler in a person's hand

Action steps to turn up the heat on your messaging.

Step 1: Identify Your Creative Combination

What praise have you earned for strengths that come naturally?

What topics energize you?

How have you guided transformations unlike other providers?

What are your "unpopular opinions" about your industry?

Revisit customer problems and examine what they wanted vs. what they actually needed.

Step 2: Create Messaging That Pops

Use what you uncovered in Step 1 to turn up the dial on what makes you distinct. Use emotional hooks and bold opinions to make competitors sound bland. Headline differences proudly.

This will establish you as the go-to industry expert, and everybody will want in! 

Step 3: Limit External Influence

Mute social media accounts that make you feel less than or tempt imitation. We've all done that thing where we look at everyone else and think we are not good enough or that what we are doing looks completely unhinged.

While being aware of your competition is important, letting go of distractions is even more critical.

You can compete effectively with clear, distinct messaging, regardless of what anyone else is doing.

Focus on the impact only you can make. Everything else will follow!



Standing Out Pays Off

I specialize in helping purpose-driven service providers amplify their zone of genius so they become an irresistible magnet for ideal clients.

Through my Kickstart clarity session or intensive Impact Accelerator program, we optimize messaging and marketing that leverages your distinct gifts and unconventional perspectives as key differentiators.

Both will provide you with concrete action plans to:

🔥 Convey your rare value and unpopular opinions proudly

🔥 Attract clients specifically seeking your flavor of guidance

🔥 Build confidence and skills for bolder self-expression

If you're ready to stop downplaying what makes you extraordinary and start converting through courageous positioning, let's talk!


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