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Do you really know who your ideal client is?

Meet Sam. Sam finally left his soul-sucking job to build his dream business.

Sam's friends rave about his skills and abilities. He scored a few early clients through his warm network. But soon, progress stalls.

New business remains inconsistent despite tirelessly networking, promoting, and delivering for clients.

Sam wonders—why won't my ideal clients hire me?

The truth? He doesn't actually know who his ideal client is. And it's sabotaging his success.

Without clarity guiding your messaging and offerings, you repel the perfect prospects for you. Here are three signs you need to get clearer on who you serve:

You try to be all things to all people

Resist the temptation to serve anyone and everyone. When you broadcast generic, wide-reaching messaging, no one feels you truly get them.

There are 8 billion people on the planet—you only need a small slice of that. Let your quirks and signature methodology shine through so YOUR people can find and remember you.

You attract tire-kickers

An unclear picture of your ideal client means you spend time with prospects unprepared to hire you or appreciate your value. Stop wasting effort on the wrong fits. A crisp view of who you serve will allow you to tailor your brand messaging, offerings, and outreach accordingly.

Your offerings don't align to your ideal client

It's impossible to create perfectly tailored offerings before deeply understanding your clients. Instead, embrace an experimental mindset.

Start by developing a small suite of services informed by initial research and your best hypotheses. But design them to evolve. Use client conversations to gain insights into how to meet their challenges, goals, and values.

Revisit your offerings quarterly to see where you can tighten the bolts.

Not having a clear view of who you serve sabotages your success.

When you get laser-focused on your ideal client, everything changes. Your messaging will deeply resonate with your perfect prospects. They will feel seen, heard, and understood like never before. And you, my friend, will build momentum faster than ever imagined!


If you're ready to demystify client acquisition, here are three ways I can help:

  1. The Kickstart: My 90-minute deep dive session to get ultra clear on your unique value, ideal clients, and compelling positioning. You'll receive a written plan to optimize your opportunity and walk away buzzing with new energy.

  2. Brand Messaging Intensive: A 12-week engagement where we create and implement new messaging across your website, pitches, emails, and more. It’ll have you saying, “hot damn, I feel seen.”

  3. Book Club and Mastermind Community: Join our small group for connections with fellow entrepreneurs, resources, and mentoring for your new venture. No cost to join!

My blend of messaging expertise, business growth strategies, and mindset training equips coaches and consultants to unlock their value and confidently attract ideal clients.

Schedule a call to explore which option may be right for you. Contact Me | Brandi Holder Consulting


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