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Finding Your Brand Champion: How to Choose the Right Branding Consultant

That moment when it hits you - your branding needs a refresh.

It's equal parts terrifying and thrilling. The stale messaging and tired offerings make it obvious - a reinvigoration is overdue. But a rebrand is tough stuff. This isn't just a fresh coat of paint or a trendy visual revamp. We're talking deep personal work.

You need someone who truly "gets" you. A trusted advisor who can dust away the cobwebs and help your gifts shine bright again. Where do you start in finding this unicorn consultant? Let's break it down.

They understand your people.

Vet consultants on their experience within your particular business model and industry. Finding someone with expertise in service-based businesses versus product/retail businesses makes a big difference.

For service providers, you'll want to ensure the consultant has worked with other solopreneurs, agencies, or professional services firms. They should understand positioning intangibles, the importance of personal branding, building credibility, and crafting client experiences.

For e-commerce or retail, look for expertise around consumer insights, evaluating physical/digital product assortment, optimizing merchandising, analyzing customer journeys, and omnichannel coordination. Background in your distribution models, purchasing cadences, and value chain dynamics is critical.

A consultant who genuinely understands your target customer psyche is invaluable. They know how to reach your audience and what makes your persona tick.

They help you be you.

A strong consultant won't rely on rigid, cookie-cutter formulas.

Stay far away from people peddling "steal my secrets" or hacks promising 6 and 7 figures. Hacks and frameworks are like box dye.

Sure, you can use box dye to go blonde. But you might go orange, need extra time, lose your hair, or require a trip to a professional along the way.

Everyone's chemistry, tolerance, and interpretation of directions are different.

Similarly, the promise of an "exact system" to achieve revenue or sales goals sounds great on paper but ignores that everyone's journey is unique. Experience, salesmanship, network, mindset, etc., are so different across individuals that a one-size-fits-all approach simply cannot produce the same results for every person.

It's great when a consultant has a framework or approach – it usually means they are organized and have a lot of experience. Make sure it is flexible and customized to your starting point, capacity, and aspirations.

The right consultant recognizes your magic combination of ingredients. They help you fully express your brand and astonish yourself with your capabilities.

You just click.

Make sure your personalities mesh well. You don't necessarily have to feel like you've found a new bestie—especially since they may be telling you some hard truths. Still, you should feel comfortable being vulnerable and working creatively together.

Having genuine compatibility allows you to feel at ease as your authentic self instead of wearing a professional mask. You can brainstorm freely, take risks, and voice doubts or insecurities without fear of judgment. This leads to deeper business insights and breakthroughs.

They speak your language.

A consultant's brand voice offers clues about fit.

An ideal consultant has mastered their unique brand voice - just as you want to do. This shows they appreciate the power of conveying distinct personality through words and tone.

It also indicates they can help you tap into your essence and stand out. A strong brand voice doesn't blend in. Look for a consultant confident in their differentiated approach.

They help you own your worth.

Many agencies excel at creating beautiful external branding and sending you on your way. But real transformation sprouts from within. A brand revamp without inner work is like handing over the keys to a racecar without lessons. The vehicle may be powerful, but the driver lacks the skills and confidence to handle it.

The most powerful brand consultants don't stop at surface-level aesthetics. They recognize that without owning your worth, even the most stunning brand will stall.

An ideal partner coaches your mindset in tandem with the external rebrand. They help unearth and address self-limiting patterns like imposter syndrome, freeing you from past doubt. Together, you re-evaluate your skills and step into your most empowered self.

By aligning your outward identity with inner truths, you embody your brand. You operate from a place of convinced assurance. This confidence inspires others while attracting ideal clients effortlessly.

Vet your potential brand consultant thoroughly through intro calls and trial sessions.

They should take the time to understand and interview you, too. Make sure your personalities click, and communication flows naturally.

When you find the consultant who "gets" you, it will feel obvious. A seasoned expert who resonates with your voice is worth the investment. Do your homework, listen to your heart, and don't settle!


Hopefully, this article provided some helpful guidance on finding the right branding partner for you!

If you're feeling stuck or in need of reinvigoration, please know you're not alone in this journey. Many entrepreneurs have been where you are.

My passion is helping experienced professionals like yourself rediscover and reclaim your gifts through thoughtful brand realignment.

I offer services like custom brand audits, transformational coaching, and a private community for entrepreneurs. But first and foremost, I aim to be a trusted advisor.

If you resonate with my approach and are looking for someone to walk this path with you, I invite you to explore a bit more about me by visiting my website or LinkedIn profile.

When you're ready, please reach out to schedule a relaxed, no-obligation chat to see if we're a potential fit for each other. Or ask about my community to connect with fellow entrepreneurs - no cost or commitment involved. Contact Me | Brandi Holder Consulting

You deserve a life brimming with purpose and joy. I'd love to support you in getting there!


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