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Is your brand messaging costing you clients?

You offer incredible services that could change lives. But something is off. Your website gets traffic but no conversions. You constantly network, yet no one hires you. Ideal prospects ghost you.

The problem likely isn't your business itself. It's how you talk about it.

Weak, disjointed messaging fails to resonate with your audience. It leaves them confused and unconvinced. Without compelling positioning and copywriting, you inadvertently repel potential clients. Here are three ways poor messaging could be sabotaging your success:

1. You sound generic.

Using played-out industry jargon and cliches makes you blend in. People assume they've heard it before and tune out. You must stand out by highlighting your uniqueness. What specific pain do you solve better than anyone else on the planet? How do you distinctly guide clients? Get hyper-specific on your differentiation.

2. You focus on yourself, not them.

Self-centered messaging is an instant turn-off. People care about what you can do for them, not how great you are. Create messaging that shows a genuine understanding of your audience's challenges. Make it about their transformation. Get in the feels.

3. Your brand messaging is too vague.

Confusing, ambiguous language leaves prospects wondering what you actually do. You know your offerings intimately, so glossing over details is tempting. (And easy to do!) But you must educate people on your services and convey the tangible outcomes. Being concrete earns trust.

Messaging mistakes hide your value, drain clarity, and destroy your credibility.

Stop repelling potential clients with messaging that falls flat. Seize control of how you describe your work. Do it with precision, and you'll capture more of the right audience. Effortlessly.

If you want to boost results rapidly, work with a copywriter or business coach to revamp your messaging. They can help you clarify and communicate your true differentiators and value. The investment will quickly pay for itself in new business.

Compelling words convert. Weak words cost you business. The choice is yours.


If you're ready to transform how you talk about your business, here are three ways I can help:

  1. The Kickstart: My 90-minute deep dive session to get ultra clear on your unique value, ideal clients, and compelling positioning. You'll receive a written plan to optimize your messaging and walk away buzzing with new energy.

  2. Brand Messaging Intensive: A 12-week engagement where we create and implement new messaging across your website, pitches, emails, and more. It’ll have you saying, “hot damn, I feel seen.”

  3. Book Club and Mastermind Community: Join our small group for connections with fellow entrepreneurs, resources, and mentoring for your new venture. No cost to join!

My blend of messaging expertise, business growth strategies, and mindset training equips coaches and consultants to unlock their value and confidently attract ideal clients.

Schedule a call to explore which option may be right for you. Contact Me | Brandi Holder Consulting


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