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Reference Story for the Win

I've got a great tool to increase your capacity to win more business. It's a simple way to turn a case study into a story that you (or your team!) can easily share in a conversation with a prospective client.

It's a framework from one of my favs, The New Solution Selling by Keith Eades. Here's what it looks like:

situation that a similar client was facing critical issue reasons for critical issue or problem capabilities (when, who, and what they want) what you provided result

Here's what a reference story looks like in action

When a prospective client reveals a struggle instead of jumping in with a solution, I share a story with them. Here is one of mine as an example:

It sounds like you've got a great solution; no doubt losing an RFP is a frustrating experience! That sounds like a problem one of my clients was facing recently.

A few months ago, Mario, the president of an ad agency, came to me to figure out how he could win more RFPs. He felt that his firm was doing ok, but soon they will be vying for a critical contract. And he did not want to lose.

In our initial interview, I discovered that they had not updated their content in five years. A new section of capabilities they developed over the past few years was nowhere to be found. There was nothing that set them apart from other firms.

Mario didn'