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The secret to closing sales at NENA 2022

Are you attending NENA 2022? I have the secret formula to close sales!

The secret is:


Ok, so maybe that's not the secret, but it helps! The truth is, there is no secret formula. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. And the people that meet them where they are in the process. As we head into Q1 for our states, many new projects will kick off, and planning for next year will begin.

How are you positioning yourself and your messaging to support your relationships? If there are gaps or friction points in new implementations, it's a great time to be a sounding board, super-connector, or source of information. Or, as they are thinking about justifying new projects, talk about what is on the horizon for ever-evolving technology. Help them see what better connectivity, efficiency, and all those incredible support tools you baked in really mean to their staff and community.

It's also an excellent time to revisit your brand's anchor points (mission/vision/values) to ensure your employees, customers, and future customers deeply understand your "why." Your company is more than the thing you sell. It's the experience you create and the greater impact on our emergency response professionals and communities.

If you would like to cover more communities with your technology, I've got your back.


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