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Why isn't my marketing generating sales?

“Why isn’t my marketing generating sales?”

It’s a question I get asked a lot.

My answer is that it can be several things. You may have too many products and lack focus in your message. You may be selling features instead of outcomes or making long-tail efforts that increase traffic but not qualified leads.

However, most of the time, it really comes down to whether you have developed a solid brand identity and strategy. Your brand identity and strategy are the foundation on which you set the tone for every other type of communication and messaging you send out to your audience. It should be developed well before thinking of launching any campaign or doing any PR.

Marketing fail

I was talking to a founder on slack recently, and he shared a common scenario. After many long months and sleepless nights developing new technology, Jonathan and his team were ready to launch—in other words, expand their customer base (and revenue) fast.

So he ran a paid ad campaign, put out social media posts, pushed the tech at a tradeshow, and gave free trials to entice customers. But despite the traffic coming to the website, there were still so few leads.

Jonathan felt confused and dejected. (who hasn’t been there?!) Seeking to identify the possible culprit, he asks:

*Was the design bad?