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Do I need a personal brand?

A brand is the manifestation of your personality. It's how people perceive you. So, I think the real question is, do you have a goal that requires you to stand out from your peers? That's a reason to pay attention to your personal brand.

Cultivating your brand starts with highlighting your unique talents and sharing your story. You can do this on social media, of course, but other great ways include creating a podcast, answering questions in popular forums, mentoring, volunteering, and attending industry events. Helping others and participating in your industry demonstrates the kind of person you are and enables you to stand out as a thought leader and go-to expert.

Your brand won't be for everyone, and that's ok. Whatever channels you choose to share your creative insights and innovative approaches, be authentic! When you share what you are passionate about and are true to yourself, the people who matter will really get you. That's what branding is all about.


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